Certified Nurse Assistant – Day

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This course is offered hybrid. Didactic portion of the course is taught on Day 1 – Day 4 and is conducted virtually by logging into Course via zoom at Scheduled time. Enrolled students will receive zoom log in information:
Lab portion of the course is taught on Day 5 – Day 6 and will be conducted in person at the school.
Clinical Portion of the course will be conducted live on Wednesday & Thursday which are the Day 7 & Day 8 of the course . The two clinical days will be at the Nursing facility communicated to students on first day of class.
All clinical hours are conducted from 0645 – 1545 on Day 7 & 8 of course while the rest of the course are conducted from 0800 – 5.30pm for didactic portion while lab portion is 0800 – 6.00pm

Course Instructor

Pamela Kulcher Pamela Kulcher My name is Pam Kulcher. I have been in Nursing fiend for 40 years . I started out as a CNA , working in a assisted living. I earned my mLpn and did home care . I went on to earn my RN and have worked in the hospital for 17 years. My experience include Medsurg, urology, cardiology and pain management.

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